About Us


Hi, welcome to commiskids

We create playdough kits inspired by food and culture. As moms of two young children, we wanted to create something fun and immersive for our kids during the pandemic. We love spending time with them in the kitchen, but it gets challenging to find kid-friendly tools and tasks for them to do. This is how we came up with the idea to custom curate playdough kits with fun tools and instructions that can be used for both play and real cooking! 

The name commiskids was inspired by the role of the junior chef in a professional kitchen, better known as the commis chef. Here at commiskids, we believe creating food is an enriching experience for kids, teaching practical life and sensory skills, and building self confidence. It also provides the opportunity to start new conversations with your child, and broadens their perspective and ability to relate to different foods, people and cultures. It’s so nice to meet you and we can’t wait for your kids to experience our playdough kits and be inspired!


Allison & Rachel

Co-founders, Moms of two, & foodies